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Thread: Buckle Design

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    Question Buckle Design

    I read the huge thread about figure 9 mods, and rather than add to it I thought I would post a new thread. It could be that my idea has no merit, in which case this will be a short thread...

    I was thinking about designs for tree straps. Basically, the straps go round the tree, and then you need to attach a line to the strap to support the hammock.

    I thought of the simple buckles I have seen, and then thought about adding something so that a line could be attached.

    The picture I have included shows a sketch. There are three variants:

    Mk I - The first idea. If you ignore the part that "sticks out" to the front, then it's just a simple buckle. The thin slot in the T piece is to allow the webbing to go around the main part of the buckle. I can't remember the correct path for the webbing, but my "top view" shows how I think it should be. Once the webbing is cinched around the tree smaller ropes or biners can be attached to the holes "in front".

    Mk II & Mk III - I worried that the load would pull the buckle away from the tree, so designs II & III attempt to avoid that. I think that Mk III is better, but it needs three slots to be made. The idea is that the load will pull against the sewn loop and cause a turning moment that will push against the free end loop.

    The dimensions are deliberately vague, and the proportions are probably all wrong. I'd suggest that the pieces would be made from 4mm aluminium extrusion.

    It is quite possible that none of these designs will work, and I haven't made them to test them. Maybe it's a good idea that needs refinement, or maybe I should not give up my day job.

    Comments are welcome.

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    Its fun to mess around with this stuff so don't let my comments deter you, but IMO its simpler and easier all around to just girth hitch the tree with the webbing (you have a loop in each end of the webbing, wrap around the tree and thread the other end thru the loop, pull it snug, the if there is excess left over wrap it backwards around the tree).

    For attaching rope to the webbing tree hugger, I really like the garda hitch, although I have to admit it doesn't seem very popular, based on forum comments. If you have a couple of biners you can try it and see if you like it, if you do then replace biners with SMC rings if you want to save weight.

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    Here's a thought. Instead of putting the buckle next to the tree do it the way the ring buckles work. Use a sewin loop to attach the webbing to the tree(wrap around, pass through the loop, pull tight) and have the buckle on the lose end of the webbing. I would make the design flat so that the webbing is pulling from one end and the rope from the other. Basicaly a regular buckle with a bell shaped extension with a whole on one end
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