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    No-Sew Tyvek Jerry Chair/Ground Cloth

    Got a little DIY this afternoon and finally made the Tyvek Jerry Chair/Ground Cloth that I've been wanting to do since reading the original Jerry Chair thread. I decided to go for a full length chair to keep the legs out of the dirt when sitting and provide more area under the tarp in ground cloth mode. Ground cloth portion is 6'x3', though I may reduce this to 5'x3' after a trial run.

    Total weight is 4.9 oz. I used double sided carpet tape and Tyvek tape for the construction. The head rest is 7" tall and the head rest piece is carpet-taped and Tyvek taped for 8" onto the ground cloth portion. I put two layers of Tyvek tape around the border of the head rest for durability. I'm hoping that will prevent any punch-through. I used two 36" 1"x2" for testing as I don't have any trekking poles yet.

    Since many already carry a Tyvek ground cloth, I thought this might be an interesting project for them to make it dual use.

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