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    Amount of Down Needed...overstuff

    There was some confusion on my part and I think others as well on the Red River Gorge Quilt instructions as to how much down was to be used in making the quilt. Krudg and JerryW were asking some of the same questions there, but I never really saw an answer and I am still a little 'cornfused'. The dimesions of the quilt are 78 x 48 with 2" baffles. So 78 x 48 x 2 = 7488 cu in 7488 / 750 fill power down = 9.98 oz of down. Then here is where I am confused, it says in the instructions 15% overstuff so 9.98 x 0.15 = 1.5 oz overstuff for a total of basically 11.5 oz of down. He says he used 15 oz of down, which hangnout posted would be 9.98 x 1.5 = 15 oz, but my real question is wouldnt that be 50% overstuff? I really am not trying to be critical of anything and really appreciate the instructions Coffee provided! I am just about to make two underquilts for me and the purty lady and want to make sure I order/use enough down but not excess!

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    For all my down quilt projects figure on about 30-35% overstuff. It always works out well. Since I camp in the humid east, it's nice to know a bit of shrinkage from humidity won't have my down shifting about.

    So, in your example 78x48x2=7488 and 7488/750 fill power = 9.98 oz.
    I would then use 13 oz. (13/9.98=1.30 or 30% overfill)

    This just works for me.

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