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    Since I moved my ridge line to the outside of my bug net on my HH and slept on top of it I can say I'd personally rather be able to get in an out of the hammock faster than deal with the stupid HH door underneath all my insulation but that's a very individual response. Something to keep in mind if you get up to use the bush a lot during the night.

    I can definitely say I noticed it feeling warmer when I crawl back into my hammock even before I get back under my blanket, but you've also got a lot of warm thermal mass in there with the blanket/sleeping bag.

    Some testing may be in order but I'm inclined to think that the micro climate effect is minimal at least in terms of heat retention. I totally vouch for the ability of the mesh to block some wind which will make it feel warmer than without.

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    CG-glad to see such a great response to it. You're right, seems you're perpetually learning with this stuff, always new and different ways to solve the same problems.

    GQ-Then at the least I have a useful peace of info for transitional seasons and staying a little bit warmer. I think youcould be right about it being because of your thermal mass but I think without the convection over your sleeping area, the warmth is retained via the bugnet. I think overcover is probablymore what I'mgoin' for and a bugnet would be more for enhancement than primary tool for thejob.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zukiguy View Post
    Vapor barrier, No....Microclimate, Yes. . . . I never really thought about using it to stay warmer but I guess it does act as a really breathable overcover.
    I have been wanting to post my answer as a thread but haven't had time . . .

    While sleeping in my basement in my NX150
    I have stowed the weather shield, but used the bug netting.
    The basement is 19C or 60F
    After sleeping all night with the bug net
    when I wake in the morning and open it up
    I feel the cool air come into my Hammock.

    I hope that helps . . .
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