The Spinn Micro arrived yesterday.

I've got a lot going on at home right now, so I didn't get a chance to set it up. The scale, however, was just sitting there on the counter....couldn't let it just sit there. With the stuff sack (also Spinn) it comes in at 6.6oz. Without the stuff sack, 6.4oz. Since I never use a stuff sack for my tarps, I'm calling it a 6.4oz tarp.

I've got some playing to do soon. I have yet to try out my newest quilt from Te-Wa and now I have this tiny little tarp to try too! Maybe I'll find time to play in the backyard for a few hours this weekend. Gonna have to put the water sprinkler up in the tree and turn it on. The neighbors have begun to think we are normal people...I can't let that stand.