Well, We didn't make it to Linville Gorge this trip due time time schedules (wives and children) but we are going to try and get a one night campout done tonight on our property in Morganton. Now our wives have tried to keep this camp out from happening but we are trying to push on through. It is about 29* right now and still have some snow on the ground from Saturday and Sundays snow fall. I found a couple good trees and threw the old hammock up everything went up pretty slick, just like in my backyard, then I got a cheap bluie 8X10 tarp from wally world and put that up using the fixed ridge line with prussiks and trail toggles then I tried different bungee cords and para cord setups on my tarp pull outs. I do have pics but will have to wait until I get home to upload. Gonna try and slip out and meet up with the other guys in an hour or two, hopefully the kids will go to bed!! Wish me luck!!