Well I was able to get away today for an overnighter. This is my second trip with hammock and UQ. First trip it rained all night and I was hanging too low to the ground and got up at 5am.

I think I have a better setup tonight. This will be the first time in my new WB Traveler. Ridgeline is new to me so it took some time to get it dialed it. But when I did it just felt right.

Got my tarp setup much easier today than last time. I am pretty sure it will be a summer tarp and I will get a larger one for next fall. Just gonna go with it for now.

Will be using my Wiggys bag as a TQ until my Burrow comes. Low is supposed to be 31. Last time was a rainy windy 36. Its 34 right now and the fire is roaring.