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    Quote Originally Posted by Jdubbery View Post
    How come you went with the Tropical + weathershield instead of the North American?
    Also, what do you do for warmth? I Last year it dropped into the 20's,
    Did you happen to notice where I'm located?? Most of my camping is in some fairly hot and humid conditions. Last year at BSA Summer Camp (I'm there for a week) the temps hit 110 during the day and didn't come out of the 80's at night. And then it rained!! Even in my tropical, I was still using a fan inside the hammock to stay cool at night.

    For warmth, I've made my own down UQ's and TQ's. Both summer and winter versions. I've camped with my winter quilts down to about 19 degrees. My friend had a NA and since we've camped together on quite a few trips, I've noticed that I need way more insulation than she does. But during the summer, I'm way cooler than she is.

    If you're gonna be camping in mostly hot, humid conditions, look more to the Tropical. If you're gonna be in cooler temps mostly (like under 80 degrees I would consider cooler!!) then look at the NA.

    I got the optional weathershield mostly for the winter. After I got the hammock and got to using it during the summer/spring/fall, I found that the weathershield was not only good for the winter. It also helps with summer temps that drop at night and I'd get cool (so I'll zip up the shield about half way). And it helps when fog rolls in to keep all that moisture off of me. I was surprised at how often I do use that shield year round. I've even used it on just one side to block out someone else's light from shining in my eyes.


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    on the nx250, I slept at 10 degrees, and I had ice crystals on the inside of the roof, but they were flaky and didn't bother me too much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TinaLouise View Post
    Did you happen to notice where I'm located??
    I didn't notice that!! Hey I'm seriously considering moving out that way (NC) if I'm lucky enough to graduate in May (which is the plan) and find employment of course.

    Thanks for the advice. I think I'm going to go with the NA because of the warmth factor. I was COLD last year in CO, so that's a big priority for me right now. I still lust after a WBBB, so I might just have to be a hammock for the season kinda guy!

    You and all you swinger are just plain cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jdubbery View Post
    How come you went with the Tropical + weathershield instead of the North American?
    Another way of thinking about it is:
    It is about the number of pockets underneath
    the NA has the six pockets which fully cover the torso area,
    The Tropical has 4 pockets
    but they don't cover the torso area
    they are two at each end . . .
    hence cooler lay.

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    I have had a Clark long enough now to...

    I have had a Clark NX-250 for about 5 months and have used it in the swamps and dry scrub forests of Florida to an ice cold outing at the top of Blood Mountain Georgia this past Dec. So far it's the best investment I've ever made on shelter gear (much better than the best tent I ever owned). I bought the NX-250 because if could only have one hammock I wanted it to be the most versatile one I could find. While up on the mountain the temps got down into the teens and I noticed no condensation or frost on the inside. I didn't use an under quilt because I don't own one. Instead I used a space blanket with a g.i. surplus inflatable pad on top of that and a 30* bag. I also stuffed the pockets with my extra clothes. The only problem I had with the cold was when I shifted during the night and my feet ended up off of the pad. A stainless steel uninsulated water bottle filled with boiling water made a wonderful bed mate that night.. Anyway thats my 2 cents worth, I'd offer more but nickels are hard to come by these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jdubbery View Post
    Hey Tina,

    I've decided on getting a Clark, mainly because of the weathershield, and I am deciding between the tropical and the standard NA.

    How come you went with the Tropical + weathershield instead of the North American?
    Also, what do you do for warmth? I'm going to be spending 6 weeks in Colorado high mountains soon. Last year it dropped into the 20's, and i think it'll will be even colder this year.

    A novice hanger seeking the advice of seasoned veterans.
    For me, i slept in 20 degree weather with just the NA and was fine...a little on the cold side but i would highly recommend an underquilt...those are fantastic i hear for adding warmth to your hammock.

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