KerMegan, why concerned? I agree, most people are fine. Some however, are not. I guess I'm tainted by bad experience. I was on day 2 of week plus hike. I was sleeping in a bivy bag with my pack outside. When I awoke, my pack with my food, gear and just about everything we gone. In its place was an old Kelty pack, with a broken external frame and no belt. In it was a dented pot with no handle; oh yea. I was in college, so rescheduling break was not an option; (and I could not afford to replace the gear that I collected as I grew up.) I kept some items with me in the bivy luckily; belt knife, compass, lighter, fishing line and holes in my Tilley hat, boots (to keep them dry), and a few stuff in my "Essentials" bag which is always with me.

I decided to continue, as this was my only break from school. It gave me a chance to try out my "new" Kelty pack. It was nice to hike so very very light, but lack of food, lack of a water filter and lack of my stove made it a little difficult. I took my wilderness survival training, time to put it to the test; I had my bivy shelter and my essentials bag. Only 7 more days to meet my ride at the other end. No problem. Maps! Oh bugger! Note to self: keep maps in the essentials bag next time. I snared a little rabbit, but it was too cute and I wasn't hungry enough; let it go. I was able to find various plants, and lots of tiny sardine sized fish. I finished the entire trip, and absolutely loved it (to be honest). What I was really upset about is losing some really nice gear, some gifts, most unable to replace anytime soon.

That's why In concerned with pilferage.