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    WTB hammock sock

    looking to get some type of new or used hammock sock. would like the out fabric to be at least dwr coated. if you have something PM with some photo's or post them here. maybe not appropriate to offer but i have a pair of AKG HD 142 semi open headphones i'd be willing to trade. actually, i'd be willing to trade for just about any piece of gear of semi equal value.

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    other options...

    I was looking for one as well and I ended up using a JRB weathershield draped over my ridgeline and using a 30* top quilt I was able to handle 20* temps and ended up having to vent my top quilt because I was too hot. This was wearing just a baselayers only. There was no condensation at all.

    I used binder clips to keep it on. Granted this doesn't keep the heat in from below but I was very happy with the results and it's a dual use item. Hope this helps.

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