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    First Hang

    I hung last night with my son for the first time. We have the HH ULBP and the HH Scout. I hung both of these under one HH Hex Tarp in an over under configuration. My son was up and I was down.

    Low temperatures were around 40 F in NE TN. I had a HG 3s Phoenix with a 30 F Coleman bag on top. My son slept on a Wal-Mart self-inflating sleeping pad with a 30 F Coleman bag on top.

    Slept well mostly. I did notice that I did seem to be sagging more than I would like which made it uncomfortable to sleep on my side. My feet and head were approx 1 ft higher than my rearend. I weigh about 185 - don't know if I didn't have the hammock tight enough or if the sag was due to normal stretch.

    I lashed the hammock to the tree huggers which were wrapped around a swing frame pole as in the picture.

    Any suggestions or comments regarding my hammock setup?
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