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    Suggestions on Zipper Size

    I've starting building another DIY hammock. I'm looking for advice on zipper size (3, 4.5, 5, etc.) and on coil versus toothed zippers.

    The zippers will be used to attach a removeable bug net for summer bugs or a top-cover for extra warmth in winter. Or leave them both off for a nice cool breeze in the heat of summer (bugs permitting of course). This time I'm planning on using 1-way separating zippers (instead of 2-way), so I'll have a lot more zipper choices available.

    I'm trying to keep everything as light as possible so I'm trying to find just the right balance of weight, reliability, and durability.

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    it is going to depend on where you can source a long separating zip from. i can't imagine finding one smaller than #5coil. i like a #3 coil on mine as it doesn't dig into the legs when lounging and i haven't found durability to be an issue at all, but i;m sure you won't find any separating ones long enough.


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    Not exactly what you asked, but an option for you...
    I've thought about attaching a bug net with a continuous #3 coil zipper (with 2 x 2-way pulls) that starts at the foot end on one side, and ends on the foot end of the other side.

    That way, I can unzip the net all the way around and tuck it in a pocket in the foot end of the hammock. It would not be completely removable this way, in that I could not leave it at home, since the coil zipper is non-separating. However, when tucked away in its pocket it will be easy to deploy if needed, but light enough that I don't mind carrying the weight on tips that would see it stowed the whole time.

    Haven't done it yet, but this is likely what I'll do to finish my son's HH clone in the spring.
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