Well I met up with the guys and it was about 26*, I just threw on some sweat pants and sweat shirt, just to see how warm I would be without all knids of thermal gear on. I strung the KAQ, made a few minor adjustments, climbed in and slid into my 0* mummy bag, I was pretty darn cold. After I got settled in and stopped moving around I started to warm up and low and behold I was really toasty. The only cold spot I got was my toes when I was on my side and my heels when I was on my back, I found out after I got out that I had an air gap, which was causing my problem.

I am very very impressed with the KAQ with the Deep Winter upgrade, Thank you Paul and everyone at AHE!!! Great quality!!

So after a few hours of warm coziness, I was summansed by messenger back to the house to help out with sick kids. Oh well, at least I know everything works, just got a little tweeking to do and I'm ordering my 14 X 12 Chinook tarp today!!!!!!

Here are some pics of my set up!