I intended to hike the FT along Western portion of the Suwanne River this week. It has been so cold I decided at the last minute to head to South FL to log some miles along the Lake Okeechobee Trail.

The trail circumnavigates the entire lake for 109 linear miles. When hiking the FT you can choose which side of the lake to hike. Either choice is approx the same miles (~58) so there is no distance advantage in either choice. The East route has more towns so I chose the East side.

The entire hike around the lake looks pretty much like this.

There is a great FREE semi primitive camp area just off the trail on Dupree Water managment land. The camping area has no potable water but very nice (clean) compost toilets. There is also an equestrian camp area that does have potable water and HOT showers (also for FREE)! I will go back here.

As a side note - I did make it to Suwannee for a day hike with my wife, son and one of his buddies.

Giant Live Oak:

We came across a small cave along the trail. It had cool air rushing from it so I suspect it went some distance to another opening somewhere. Here, my kid is demonstrating the EXTREME sport of bear-noodling: