I have a pair of US military issue sleeping bags. These are a M-1949 Mountain bag (feather filled). and a second bag designed to be outside the Mountain bag. This was issued as the M-1949 Arctic sleep system. The only part of the system I don't have is the original waterproof cover.

I'm 6', and I fit in the Mountain bag. It's quite comfy and warm, but I have no use for it as it's heavy.

The outer bag, that makes it the Arctic model is a size large, and can be used alone for people over 6' tall.

The label indicates that these were made in 1951. The inner bag is nearly flawless. The outer bag has some water staining and one oil spot near the foot, but it's barely noticeable.

These have been stored uncompressed in a nylon bag for many years. They could use a gentle washing, or at least be aired out to get rid of a slight musty smell. Otherwise in very good condition, with no rips or tears. Zippers work well.

Perfect for car camping or for those always cold ground dwellers.

Here's a pic of Me in the inner bag.

$75 + shipping, OBO.