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    Quote Originally Posted by JCINMA View Post
    First of all, the wider and longer the UQ, the better for a taller person. That being said, I have a winter yeti, I love it, and I'm 6'2".

    As to your question of loft... Loft determines the temperature rating. The more down that can trap heat between you and the cold air around you, the better. It's the same reason thicker coats are warmer.

    The Yeti may be a better choice for you right now because it is on sale and because it requires less fussing than the Phoenix. The yeti has a draft collar on either end to create a seal, and that works very well. The Phoenix has drawcords to create a seal on each end, and it is very easy to mess that up.


    Like every infomercial I've ever seen, the Yeti is as simple as "set it and forget it"

    The Phoenix is larger and warmer, though.

    You cannot go wrong with either of these products, as both Brandon and Adam put a lot of dedication and devotion into their work, and they both produce merchandise of exceptional quality.
    Nice post newbie! Just kidding. Good info though, i'm impressed! I can't comment on the Yeti, but the 3S Phoenix is warm! I had to sell it because I don't like using a pad under my legs.

    I did buy an incubator to replace it though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by angrysparrow View Post
    There's no reason to go 'custom' when a quilt in the dimensions you want might available from Warbonnet, or Te-Wa, or JRB's MW3C, etc.

    There's a lot of Hammock Gear recommendations in this thread, but any one of the quilt vendors on this forum produce a fabulous product that will work just as well. That's not a slight against HG...just a reminder that we have a bunch of other excellent product choices that shouldn't be overlooked.
    I assumed the OP had narrowed his search down to these two models and wanted a little forum member input before pulling the trigger.

    I probably would not have responded to a post named:
    Warbonnet vs Te-Wa, vs JRB's vs MW3C vs KAQ vs etc.
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    I have both--got the Yeti with the WBBB from Brandon, then couldn't resist the Black Friday sale prices for the 3S Crowsnest/Phoenix. They are both excellent underquilts. The Yeti is lighter, a bit narrower and shorter, and of course not as lofty. Both have kept me warm sleeping in an unheated bedroom in my hammock in Jan. I suspect that the Yeti may fit the WBBB a bit better, but both work fine. It may come down to how low, temp wise, you want to go. We're really lucky to have such a great cottage industry making such fantastic products

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