Well this past weekend my 2 boys and I went to the backyard to play with our new toys we got for Christmas. My boys (both age 12) got HH Asy zip hammocks with the larger hex tarp for Chirstmas and I got a HHSS. I spent the time helping them get their new rigs set up so they would be ready for our campout later this month.

The first thing we did was remove the HH cords on the hex tarp and ran a continous ridgeline which we attached prussik loops to and small carabiners. We also used the HH snake skins on the tarp instead of the hammock. This setup allows them to set the tarp up first and also gives them the ability to slide it so it can be centered over the hammock. The snake skins, in my opinion, allow you to store and deploy your tarp easily. We also changed out the guy lines to a better material that would hold a taut line hitch.

Next we moved to seting up their hammocks. This was pretty straight forward after I demonstrated a couple of techniques and knots to them. I told them that the ropes would stretch some so they needed to lay in the hammocks for a while. I will tell you one thing though, I like the zipper entrance on the hammock. This has probably made my mind up to send my HH to 2QZQ for a mod.

While they were relaxing with their hammocks I started to set up the HHSS on mine. This was not very hard since I had already watched the setup videos online. Without the videos this would have been confusing. After it was all set up I laid in the hammock and did notice my backside getting warm. I thought this was a good sign but it will be put to the test in couple of weeks. I also set up my larger tarp and made a few tweaks to the setup. I worked on getting the ends to close up in preparation for our January outing.

All in all it was a good weekend spent with my twin boys and seting up hammock rigs. Since then they have gone out each afternoon and set up their rigs again and again. They want to make sure they are ready to go when the time comes.

ps. I let you know how the HHSS works in a couple weeks.