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How about the weekend of March 12-13th? Just throwing a date out there. Sawyer Pond sounds great to me. I personally would prefer a nice hike in (4.5 miles is very reasonable). What do others think?
This would be a winter trip with some trail breaking in potentially deep snow [waist deep ?] but, with enough people to share the trail breaking, it would an awesome overnight.

Historical Temperatures for Conway NH for March 12-13th
High 37 *F
Low 15 *F

The Sawyer River Road is closed at Rt 302 so it would be approximately 5 miles and 1200 feet of elevation gain.

We would probably be breaking trail after the intersection of the road with the Carrigan Notch Trail [2 miles in] or from the Sawyer Pond Trailhead [3.75 miles in].

Rt 302 would definately be the way to approach it, as opposed to coming in from the Kanc or Bear Notch Road. I don't expect those trails see much winter traffic.

The good news is that the 1200 ft elevation gain is a consisntently distributed so the steepness is pretty much the same for the entire trip.