As i expected the the jacks river was waist deep plus some. Call me a wimp, we just made day hikes at this point. SO we did jacks river to the first crossing and beech bottom to the falls . trip review all and all good . DIY UQ did very well. stormlight bag by mountain hardwear lacking in warmth. timp at 30 or so maybe 29 not much lower . HHDJ awesome love it. pack gregory palisade good pack great suspension .down side no pockets. "really a bummer" BOOTS scarpa nepal great boots. i like scarpa . msr expedition stove is good but way to big. i will go with a bushbuddy with my snowpeek 900. soon . space was problem this go around , will need to lose some gear or change some. down jacket marmont i really like but whats not like about down? that is about it i will post pics. on profile