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Looking at Grizzly's tutorial, I had already figured on using my trekking poles for the spreader bars, especially being that I don't weigh too much, I don't think I'll have any trouble with bending them. I plan on making my own poncho, which will double as my rainfly, so I can cut some weight there. My first inclination was to use a poncho liner for a UQ, but I'm wondering if carrying a poncho liner on the AT would be a bit overkill, considering I plan on starting fairly late in the season, and doing a flip-flop to hang with the good weather. I'm leaning more towards a pad now instead of a UQ, so I can use the pad in shelters and hostels when necessary (my intention is to avoid the shelters except in bad weather). I'd like to hear some opinions on that decision though.

I've got some ideas for a permanent bug net that should keep weight low, as well as going with a fairly shallow design, to keep material to a minimum. I can also likely get away with relatively lightweight hardware and suspension materials.

I just met with some success on my first attempt at making my own silnylon, so thats going to cut the cost of this little endeavor radically.

If you intend on using a pad the BMBH is the most pad friendly hammock bar none with the 26 inch wide pocket and its straight alignment...No squirting sideways, no folds or wrinkles to contend with; nor does it rely on darts in the pad to take up a proper shape