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    Oh, and I hope it is not too late to mention, but the sil Hex is very nice. It is what I have. Last June, while on the North Clark Fork River in Montana, I got caught in a thunderstorm just after pulling into the campground. Wind and torrential rain for a couple of hours. The tarp kept me dry and comfy. I also think sil dries faster than PU coated nylon.

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    I keep three sets of stakes for different purposes. 1 set of pins for hardpack earth (actually they are aluminum gutter nails cheap to replace) 1 set of plastic pegs as a backup, and 1 set of old GI sand stakes for loose soil or if I suspect weather. As I no longer hike, and space is the only consideration. I can keep a hammer to set the stakes. I upgraded to the hex fly and found it to be large enough for my hammock and a vestibule area outside the foot/people chute area of my exped. 2.5. At summer camp last year I found myself the only dry leader as a real torrent came through our campsite. Several boys sat in chairs in my vestibule and my son sat in my wheelchair that conveniently sat right under the discharge chute so I could 'De-hammock' in a controlled fall.
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