I have hooks in one bedroom that I use to hang from. I sleep there 2-4 nights a week. The hooks are about 15.5 feet apart and about 5'7" off the ground. That was as high as I could go on one side of the room. To get my BB to hang right I rub the ground. I have woopie slings on both ends with carabieners. I hook the loops to the carabieners. I found if I add a second ridge line to the carabieners which puts it four or five inches above the hammocks RL. The top line is a giant woopie sling so I adjusted it so the ridge line on the BB is how it is described in the video. My question is;

Will this hurt my hammock?

Will this give me the proper lay?

Am I putting more weight on the hooks in my house? I don't need to pull my wall in.

By using the second ridge line I can have two different angles. One that is a lesser angle above the ridge line and a stepper angle below the line.

Next question is if I put a lot of tension on the BB ridge line what will get hurt?