So, Friday I head to Harpers Ferry for a weekend on the AT and my first hang with hammock and UQ. For those not familiar with this historic area, the entire town is a historic site. There's very little parking down there. There's a large parking lot the Park Service runs up the hill that you pay $6 and get a shuttle ride down into town. It's about a 2 mile ride, and drops you off right next to where the AT goes through. I like to park there as it's a safe place to leave my car when I head out on the AT.

So, Friday at 9 am I'm the only one getting on the bus. The driver starts to put the tape in that plays a nice narration for this short trip, which I've heard dozens of times. I inform him that there's not need to play that just for me as I've heard it many times before and he could take a break from hearing it again if he wished. So, he stopped it and we had a conversation that went like this.

Driver: Heading out for a little backpack trip?
Me: Yeah, I'm testing out a new hammock and UQ I just got.
Driver: Have you ever seen this dude on youtube named Shug?

haha.... Shug, you are famous. Even the Harpers Ferry bus driver knows your name, and he doesn't own a hammock!! - yet...