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wuv'ed the video. I'll bet the bus driver will too.

I was thinking that maybe you could add the heart-throb of the bodhran to the sound track, that way maybe the Irish folk could better understand/accept your affliction,
or is it an addiction to pain and addrenilin laddie.

"If I'm gonna fall, someoneone has gotta watch!"
Sean Emery
And some pipes as well....... and a pint for sure.

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Nice! What a funny story - amazing how small the Internet makes the world these days
It is a wee bit scary I think!!!!

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Shug.. the insane
as one person put it ...I don't care who you are, thats funny
I have worked my insanity into my life as opposed to trying to fit in. Easier .... and mo' fun.

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Yo . . . Shug,

Glad to see your including your old freind . . .

. . . Alice the Goon . . .

That is too funny. I forgot about Alice. good eye.

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i heard blackbirds in the background....any connections there shug?
They stalk me!!!!!!

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LOL hey Shug's videos got me into hammocking and off the ground, my wife hears "wooobuddy" from the other room and she just says "oh great what are you gonna buy or build for your hammock next...."
My evil plan is working!!!!!

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Thats crept into my vocabulary as well, edging out 'Yeaaaa Baaaby' which would have made my daughters graduation a little different. Somebody would have yelled 'Hot **** Shugs here!'
I am touched!