Day 2 found the weather getting worse as time progressed. I started considering a plan A and B for tonights set up.

Plan A was to head near Ed Garvey shelter and set up the hammock. I arrived close to 4 pm, and had temps at 24F with strong, gusting winds. I set the hammock up with one side into the wind. I hung it low so that I was almost on the ground when I got in. I had the tarp kinda low too, but could have been lower. It was about 5" off the deck. I do not have end doors, so this was the best I could do. Between the rocks and the frozen ground, this was difficult enough to accomplish.

I got in the hammock and started to feel warm, but not as warm as the night before. The wind would gust through and I'd feel a cold spot underneath. I reached out and ensured the ends of the UQ were as snug as possible. Yet this cooling effect continued. In fact, it got worse.

Soon my feet were aching, and the cold spot remained despite my efforts. If I had brought my tyvek I would have put the hammock down on the ground. As the temps dropped, and the wind showed no sign of letting up, I was forced to enact plan B.

Being close to Ed Garvey shelter meant I was close to heading down Weaverton Cliffs, the Canal towpath and Harpers Ferry. With cold feet and a few other frozen body parts this is where I headed. A quick call to my wife when I hit the Canal netted my a reserved hotel room at the Comfort Inn.

I obviously surpassed the limit for the set up I had. Good to know. I had a great hike, and have made a few mental notes on how else things could have gone that second night.

I love to get out there, and love a challenge. Always fun to learn new things and test myself. Also always good to have a plan B!!!