I just ordered a Granite Gear White Lightnin' 12x10 tarp from REI. With it being on closeout for $93 and the holiday coupon, I got it for $83.12 plus tax. I have it sent to the local REI so there is no shipping cost. It is a cat cut tarp, and from the description it looks like it may be silnylon. It's 28oz. My questions are, since I haven't really been looking at tarps (it was a spontaneous splurge), how does this fit spec-wise with some of the others, such as a Macat or a Speer winter tarp? Weight and size are what I'm mostly wondering, although I also wonder if I got as good a price as I think I did.

Since my other tarp is a Hennessy poly hex tarp I'm spoiled by having a large tarp. This will go in the pile with my 5 hammocks, 3 packs, etc. ... One of these days I'm going to actually go hiking with this stuff