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    I just received a HH ultralight backpacker for christmas, and I need to know what the cheapest workable option is for an underquilt or non-pad insulation. thanks.
    My first and cheapest solution was to fit a second cheap hammock, like a Byer, loosely under the one I was sleeping in and fill it with a folded Poncho Liner:

    Alternatively, I did this with my modified Poncho:

    Works surprisingly well, but is definitly not extremly lightweight.
    If I wouldnt use and therefore carry along a Poncho Liner, I would have bought a cheap synthetic-filled rectangular sleeping bag and cut off the zips and superfluous material.

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    How thick is your liner? The one I have is very thin...It worked well...but for any thing under 40*...I will have to have another liner tied in.
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