Well, above the snow any way. We just had near record snow fall here in MS. Certainly the most- by far- in 23 years if not longer. Any where from 6 to 10" or more on the ground depending on where in MS, or for that matter where in Tupelo. Current temp 32F, forecast lows 29 to 14 next few days, with only one high(36) over freezing forecast rest of the week. So it may become a nightmare with the thaw/refreeze cycle on the roads. I am off until Wed, but then I have to drive 47-70 miles to work. That might be horrible, and I will either have to miss work or white knuckle it.

Any way, naturally I had to try sleeping out in it. Despite the exasperation of my wife who has perceived my insanity. My HHSS was what was already hanging from the Vario stand, so that is what I used.

No tarp, sheltered by a porch ceiling. 26F, very little wind, Golight Ultra 20 TQ. Cheated by wearing merino wool light weight LJ tops and bottom, Mountain Hardwear Monkey Fleece jacket and Moonstone Pile pants, 1 pair wool socks. Plus a 27 year old Patagonia thick balaclava folded into a thick hat, covering my ears and a little of my face.

On the bottom was a HHSS with 1 pad and space blanket. I had the HH kidney and torso pads handy but did not use them. The hammock was not tied out to the sides, I just let the pad and s.bl. curl up around me.

I was just fine. Definitely not toasty warm on the bottom, but def not cold or uncomfy in any way. My gut feeling was that I could not have gone much lower with out being at least a bit chilly and needing to add the torso pads or a jacket or garlington insulator or something. But as it was, I did not actually need any of that. I did consider adding the torso pad just for a more "toasty" experience, but blew it off.

On top, I was more than warm enough, especially once I cinched the quilt up around my neck and shoulders for a good "seal". At one point, just to play around, I went right side fetal and pulled the quilt over my head while forming a little breathing hole to the side. That got very warm very fast, more than what was needed. And very comfy.

I probably needed a tarp. There was not much wind, and I had the UQ pulled up extra high on the windward side, nicely blocking what wind there was. But either very small amounts of snow kept blowing over onto my face, or my breath was condensing and falling back on my face. No idea which, but it bugged me a little. Of course, even if I had only covered my face that would have solved that one problem. Despite all of this, I did not have enough cold nose or face to really cause problems.

Some pics later.