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    Smile TRIP REPORT:Minnesota Frozen Butt Hang - January 7-9, 2011

    Greetings all from back at home in cozy Madison. Drove back last night with Frithz from the Frozen Butt Hang. What a great time meeting fellow forum member again and new ones too, one from far away as North Carolina.

    Many thanks to Four Dog and friends for hosting us, and to Beep for getting the snowball rolling.

    I thought I'd start a new thread, rather than add on to page 40 from the trip planning thread.

    I will be posting links to more pics from Picasa (if I can figure it out),
    but here are some teasers:

    Group pic:

    Sled hauling:

    Almost everybody had a great time:

    Fritz and I arrived Thursday, the night before, and camped out all alone at St Croix State Park. The overnight low was 8°F, and little did we know, it wouldn't get much warmer than that for the rest of the trip.

    We met everyone else in Hinkley the next morning for a hardy breakfast before Four Dog lead us into the bush. He and Firekeeper had set up a warming tent complete with wood stove. Later they erected a parachute over the fire pit to trap in the heat and smoke..

    It was great to share techniques about winter camping, and Four Dog had some cool tricks including his Supershelter. This consists of a reflective blanket covered by 4 mil polyethylene plastic set up next to a fire to capture the infrared radiation. You have to experience it to believe it works. At one point it was 35° inside and -5°F outside!

    We had group chili Friday night and group soup Sat night. Plenty of food! The left over chili froze with serving spoon embedded, and took 45 min over the fire to get it out. (It's always better the next day)

    Weather: The low temp was -10°F Friday night, and -14° Sat night. There was about 1 to 1.5 inches of snow total.

    It was fantastic to meet new forum members and reconnect with others.

    Until next time,
    stay warm,

    PS: the pictures should speak for themselves.

    (edited to add details)
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