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Think you'll sell many of the hot pink socks to the guys here?

My feet are cold so I'll take a pair .. and not in pink

I'll vote for digital camo ones, love it on my new BBO.

There may not be a lot of ladies on the forum, but lots of the guys have girlfriends or wives and if you have ever made a woman's feet warm then you know you are the hero I think the pink ones will make great gifts even if your girl does not hike

The camo unfortunately dose not come in a calendared version so it will not work well for down gear, working on that though.

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Well that settles it ... Paul's dun pissed off the Chinese!
Dang and I love me some pork fried rice. Patch things up for me Hawk-eye, I am hungry.

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Very nice offerings Paul!

Any more info on the new UQ! What type of suspension have you designed for it (channeled shock cord, triangle's, ?) ?

Will you be offering any other colors (camo, green, ?) for both the quilts and socks?

Also will you be offering an option to overstuff?
I am using the same suspension as we have used on the KAQ line, basically corner to corner shock cord with end channels to help with gathering the quilt. Though Triangles would work on them as well.

Other colors will come with time as we can afford to order other calendared fabrics. Though most camos do not come in calendared, and the main green most suppliers have is the kelly green that was used for a long time by another vendor.

Over stuffed option is on the site, with the other products, it is available in 1/2 ounce increments with no limit on how much you would like to have packed into the quilt and a 1/2 ounce limit on the socks, they are pretty full to start with.

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I think my feelings are hurt a little....nope, I'm good!

Those are some interesting color choices you've got there. They look nice and seem to be priced friendly too. That is a big name to live up to and I've no doubt they do. Viva the partial UQ!
Glad you are ok C.