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    Thumbs up Superfly with 2Q/ZQ sewn on doors mod!

    A few weeks ago I volunteered to send 2Q/ZQ my Superfly for experimentation of sewing on the removable doors. My tarp had the last version of the removable door kit that Brandon had offered before switching the Superfly's over to permanent doors. Brandon has since switched the Superfly's over again to come standard with permanently attached doors.

    ZQ did an incredible job as usual of sewing on the door kit and I must say I am very happy with the outcome. It's got the little toggles for securing the doors when you roll them up which is a nifty touch. Same high quality sewing job I got with my MacCat Deluxe that I sent for the sewn on door mod last spring.

    Here are a couple of pics with the tarp strung up in my apartment. I plan to do a video review next time I can get out. Maybe I'll set up both tarps to show a side by side comparison.

    I'm not certain that 2Q/ZQ will be offering this mod in the future or not but they told me I could post a review of it to gauge interest to see if it would be a service worth offering to their line.
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