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    Quote Originally Posted by Tbull55 View Post
    Smokehouse, I am so impressed with that little wood burning stove. Excuse me for being ignorant, but i have never seen it before. I assume you built it. Do you sell them or have plans for others to build one? Do you stoke it real good before you bed down to keep that 65* inside for awhile?

    Great trip report! I am still blowen away by that stove.

    Tbull what Brain said... Thankee Brain
    Length of burn time at 65F ??? Its according to the wood. if the wood is rotten, about 15 to 20 min is all u get. if its good oak about 1 1/2" on a bed of coals, u can get up to 2 hours. most of the time, all I get is about 30min to an hour burn time. When I go to bed, I make sure the damped is closed. The fire is normally out by the time I go to sleep.
    But,,, when I wake up the next morning, I can fire the stove up and it nice and warm before I get out of the hammock.

    Quote Originally Posted by creativeKayt View Post
    Love these videos! Looks like you guys had FUN!

    Thanks for the great explanation of the stove, too! I've been in the market for one and this helps with some of the set-up questions I had.
    Thankee,,, We had a great time... The stove can be taken apart. I cut slots in the legs, so I can keep the stove together and slide the legs on/off without taking the scews out. When its so cold ur fingers won't work as well and its hard to put the stove together, so this was my quick fix...

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    Man that's pretty neat, but it hurts my fingers lookin at you put the smokestack together. I've been to the bone before with flashing and just can't get it out of my mind.

    Nice and toasty looking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alamosa View Post
    And then you say, "we had a fire at our house" ...blew coffee all over the monitor.
    That made me want to watch the video..

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