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    Here is a showcase of the gear that I have made. I took all of it on a hang I did last week that I will be posting a trip report on soon.

    The first three pictures are of a 1.1 ounce single layer hammock I did. Starting fabric length was 11 feet. It has a carabiner holding the removable ridgeline on in the picture, but I replaced them with the nacrabiners shown in the pictures.

    The fourth picture is one of my tarp. It has roughly these dimensions, modeled off the Warbonnet Edge. It was a LOT harder to make than I anticipated, but I am pretty happy with the results.

    Pictures 5-7 show the Nacrabiners / soft shackles I made out of amsteel. I used this video, but I made mine smaller. They have small lengths of floss that can be pulled to open the loops, but it can't really be seen in the picture.

    The Last picture is just the edge of a pad I added wings to. Sorry I don't have a better picture, but basically I just cut some pad from a different pad and just duct taped them on. It was a pretty hobo job, so I dubbed it Frankenpad.

    Sorry for the bad pictures, most of them were taken on my phone camera. Hope you enjoy looking at my creations and a big thank you for all the information that I got on how to make these things.
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