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    Quote Originally Posted by bear bag hanger View Post
    It's hard to beat the JacksRBetter quilts. The "No Sniveller" or the "Rocky Mountain Sniveller" are hard to improve on for the price. They can be used as a poncho on cold mornings where a little extra insulation around camp would be helpful.
    +1 for JRB quilts. I own two of them and have been very pleased with quality, performance, and customer service. Admittedly, I have no experience with the other manufacturers, but it is hard to imagine they could be any better.

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    Where I live in NY is just a stone's throw from the NY/CT border, in fact one of my favorite local places to hike and camp would be at Bulls Bridge near Kent.

    My own standard for winter camping around here is 0F rating, and for the ADK -30 I don't think you can "go wrong" with either plan, I guess it depends how much you plan to use the UQ for fairer-weather backpacking. Using the 3-season supplemented with a pad or perhaps an IX-insert should work in the cold, but will be lighter and more compact when it's less cold.

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    UQ/TQ, hope it's the answer

    After reading and reading, research and researching on these forums I finally just decided to go with a UQ/TQ. Last few outings in the fall sleeping was just too cold and I felt trapped in a sleeping bag. Went through a few of those along the way, just never found one that didn't make me feel confined. Bought a 3 season set up from hammockgear and should arrive this week. Hope to test it soon before my spring hikes start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Rambler View Post
    Thank you everyone for the input thus far. I would say I am somewhere in the middle, I wouldn't classify myself as a warm or cold sleeper. Right now I use a 15F bag, with a prolite 4 down to 32 or so, and add a ccf pad down to 10F which is the lowest I have experienced in a hammock so far. I typically wear a capaline 2 bottom baselayer, and a capaline 3 top, and a smartwool beanie and or balaclava(usually just pulled down around my neck).

    I have yet to have a night, whether in my hammock or back in my tent days where I was uncomfortably chilled. I have been warm on several nights where I just vent my bag. So if I had to choose warm or cold sleeper as a label I guess I would say warm.

    One question I do have. Does adding overfill to an UQ increase it's temp rating? For example if I add say 3 oz of fill to a 3S Incubater 900fp would that be around a 10F rating?
    Based off the info you gave I would most likely say that the listed temp would be the lowest possible you could take the quilt! But there are a lot of additional factors that play into staying warm, so with that I would say choose something that will work 10* lower than the estimated temp! So lets say the estimated temp is 30-32* then I would have my quilts and gear warm enough to take me down too at least 20*! This has worked for me without issue so far, not saying that it will work for you, but just something to think about!
    Yes if you add more down it will lower the low temp rating, not sure on how much down is needed though to make a difference, also not sure at the point when you are not benefiting as the baffle height would need to be increased to gain the needed loft!
    Clear as mud?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pithy View Post
    I have a 3 season incubator. What would be a logical choice for going down to the high 20s?
    The quilt you already have! The 3 Season Incubator is rated to 20* with 800 fill, and 15* with 900 fill per the web site!
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