I've had this bugging me ever since I drew up the "Optimal Distance Between Anchors": wouldn't it be cool if there were a calculator that would figure out all the math for me and tell me the optimal distance?

Well, your dreams have just come true.

Just out of beta, I am ready to launch the Hammock Hang Calculator.

The program launches with some defaults, but you can enter in the distance between trees, your preferred sit height, and even your ridgeline, and the program will spit back how high you should secure your hammock without breaking a sweat.

Improvements for Version 2

  • Optimized for mobile devices (take this with you in the field!) (I haven't tested yet, but I'm confident it already works on mobile devices, it's just the screen size I need to tweak)
  • Convert to inches if distances equal less than 1 foot

Let me know what you think and if you can recommend any improvements.

Donations accepted via PayPal