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    SOLD: Updated list of items I have for sale

    This is updated list of items for sale:

    MSR Pocket Rocket stove in case. Great little stove $22.00

    Big Agnes Air core Mummy sleep pad 20x72x2.5 $28.00

    Pacific Outdoors AO-Lite Regular pad with stuff sack 20x72x1.0" $38.00
    Sells for $74.00 new, only inflated one time

    2) Claytor 10' "no net" hammocks, I bought these and decided I needed a wider width than the 48" . $35.00 each - SOLD

    DD Travel hammock, double bottom and netting like the Claytor jungle hammock. No tarp,set up one time
    Here's the website link: $50.00 Sold

    Hammock made by Warbonnet Guy. I bought this recently from someone on the forum. Double bottom with a zipper along one side to access the pad pocket. Whipped ends and large green stuff sack. $40.00 - SOLD

    All items in VGC and prices include shipping
    Paypal accepted
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    The Outdoor research bivy and the Nova stove have been sold
    Thank you,Redbeard

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    Got details and pics of the woodgas stove?
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    I don't have a camera to take a picture but you can go to: to get information on the stove.

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    Pm sent......Let me know

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    I've added a couple more things to the list.

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    I will take the Trangia 27-7 Cookset.
    PM sent

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    Paypal sent for the Trangia 27-7 stove...

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    The Trangia cookset has been sold

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    I'll take the MLD hammock bugnet for $50.

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