My 1.7 DBL BlackBird arrived today and I wasted no time converting it to whoopie slings and hanging it in the barn to try it out.

Wow! I think I've finally found the hammock I wish I had when I first started hanging back in 2008. Previously, the most comfortable hammock for me was a 2008 model DD Travel. I took a break from hanging for a good part of 2009 and all of 2010 but when I returned a few months ago I noticed Brandon had a thriving business going and I was finally able to order one last week.

The two areas I like the best have to be the style of bug netting and the foot box. These two features make it ideal for me. At 6' 2" tall and 300 lbs., the DD Hammock was ok as far as leg room is concerned but the foot box on the WBBB just creates a much more comfortable lay and I've only laid in it for 20 minutes thus far. I also never liked the bug netting design on the DD very much. The built in ridge line is also a **** nice feature.

I might try sleeping out in the barn tonight. In fact, I just finished hanging a JRB Mt. Washington 3 underneath the hammock and just waiting to see if UPS delivers some down booties I've been waiting on. It's supposed to get down to around 5F degrees tonight which means it will be close to that in the barn as well. It will be a good test although I will not have to battle any wind thanks to the barn.

Thanks Brandon!