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    field test report

    I attended the florida hammock hang last weekend.
    Obviously, I tried out my new underquilt. Here's my experience.

    Just as important as the quilt itself is the details of suspension.

    I used two bungee cords as makeshift suspension.
    The first night was a low of maybe 50 degrees. Not too serious. I was a bit chilly on the bottom.

    The next day, I got art to audit my hang for air gaps and there was a big one at the head end.

    We adjusted the pull in and got it to look pretty tight.

    The next night was the 25 degree low. I was a click or two down from cozy, but the main problem was top insulation , so I guess the underquilt was okay. I tried to throw a poncho liner over me, but it was slippery and kept slipping off. I finally stuffed it down the sleeping bag and that did the trick pretty well. I still wasn't "cozy" since my feet never got warm, but slept through the night.

    Back home I got some cable locks and Chuck had given me some small diameter shock cord. Together with some light carabiners, I whipped up adjustable suspension that worked out fine.

    my conclusion is that the adjustment of the suspension is a two man job. but with shock cord you have a lot more leeway . I added a midpoint shockcord over the ridgeline (ala Shug) and it seemed real cozy then.

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    Sounds like you've got it completely dialed in now, Grinder!

    It was a fabulous weekend, wasn't it !!!!!!!

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