Well I have to say… I am amazed.

Not only is the customer service just fantastic; I had changed my mind about the color of the UQ a couple of days after placing the order (1/3), but I still ended up getting my order the following Monday (1/10).

When I unpacked the quilt, it was truly a piece of art (very, very well made).

I was able to hang it this weekend and take it for a test drive in the backyard. After about 15 minutes of fussing with it, on my Hennessy Expedition Classic, I got it to seal fairly well. I was able to get into the Hennessey, via the bottom entry, without too much fussing and the UQ snapped back into place once I was inside.

I am still getting used to the Hennessy as well, been using a DiY gathered end for over a year now. While I cannot say I had the UQ adjusted perfect, there were a few gaps at the head and the side, I was amazed as to how well the UQ fit. It was setup well enough to where I fell asleep and didn’t wake up till about 630 this morning (I also had my GoLite 3 season TQ with me). While last night’s temps only dipped into the high forties, I was very comfortable in my sweats.

If anyone has any photos of their setups and any tips on hanging the UQ snuggly on an Expedition, I would be more than appreciative.