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    I just put a set of straps and tri-glides on my girlfriend's Clark and took it out for an overnighter last weekend. . . Easiest setup I've ever done. I ran the plain end of the strap through the channels on the hammock, and made that the adjustable side, and used Dutch clips on the looped end of the strap, which goes around the tree. Just a couple of quick length adjustments, and I was hanging. I don't think it could get any easier. I have a set of whoopies and plan to use them on my HH Expedition, but haven't gotten them out for a test hang yet, so I can't compare and contrast. It's gotta be better than fiddling with knots though. I don't know why it took me so long to try out some of the greatest innovations I've ever seen.

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    7/64" DIY whoopies
    webbing is by far the easiest, the quickest, and the simplest option. the reason behind whoopie slings is the weight reduction. There are other types of suspensions that have the same weight reduction, but are much more complex to use: like the previously said hennessy rigg. The "ease" of setup for a whoopie sling config. is quite good, but it does take more time than webbing. The straight up cords system (like on hennesy) is a real crapper to set up, and can be a big time consuming hassle. i use whoopies when i am out backpacking or hiking or carring it anywhere but my backyard, and i use webbing straps when im out back. I leave the whoopies on, but then just tie the webbing to my carabiners that are already on my setup. i find whoopie slings to be kinda annoying sometimes when i have to setup betwix trees that are <15' apart, as it seems like i have too much whoopie, and i end u just tying one of the tree huggers to that carabiner, and then using the whoopie only on one side.

    All told, whoopies are great, fun to make, easy to adjust, Super light, and they make everyone around you currious about what they are (free ticket to bragg about your gear!!). They do save weight, but they are more complex and have limitations. I only use them b/c they weigh about 1/5 of the previous setup i had for backpacking.
    Just my thoughts, take it or leave it, ill never know, but thats just IMHO.
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    I use them because it's just fun to say---WHOOPIE!!! I think that I first saw that used by Shug!! But I like it. Quick to set up, easy to make your own, and like the others have said, cool to hang off a piece of 7/64 rope.
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    I love my whoopie slings. I have tried the trail stick and that works well. I used sticks that I could break in the morning and just pull the knot out. I prefer my aluminum slurpee straw toggles. They come in at a whopping 5g ea. That include the masons line I use to tether the toggles to my straps. That way there is no issue of dropping and loosing the toggle. That is unless I decide to forget the straps on the tree. Knock on wood I have not done that yet. As for time taken to set up.... other ways may be quicker but when I am in the woods I really dont care about a few extra seconds here or there. Of course that me and some people do care about the time involved. Would that make them a time weenie? I am neither a gram weenie or a time weenie.
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    Anyone know what an UltraPod is?

    It is a slick little tripod substitute for hiking and photography. Uses a Velcro wrap to attach to a branch to hold your camera. By my count I have left three of these little gems on trees or posts.

    Which brings me around to.......

    Why I am using all-in-one straps, AHE buckles and 'biners for my CJH and HH. I wrap the strap around the tree (once or twice depending on dia) clip the 'biner back onto the strap, pay the strap out of the Bishop bag, repeat on the second tree (oh, yeah - the Camp Nano 'biner is a handy weight for flipping the strap around a big tree) and adjust the hammock body hang. QED.

    No separate components for me to leave on the tree. And for those of us who are getting a bit forgetful, that is very important!


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