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    Sleeping Bag Liners

    Hi everyone,

    I had some questions about inside and outside sleeping bag liners.

    I want to make my own Sleeping bag liners and think that a fleece liner would be the best way to go for the inside liner and then go with a Nylon liner for one on the out side of the sleeping bag.

    It is my hope that both of these will increase the temp rating of the bag by 15 to 20 degrees (key word is hope) but I would be happy with 10 degrees.

    The reason for the outer liner is for condensation from the Chrysalis freezing and then falling on me if I move around. This happened to me on my first winter outing not to long ago.

    My questions are:

    Do I need to use microfleece or can I use some other type of fleece like on this link,

    The first 2 items are what I was thinking of useing, but not sure what the difference is.

    As for the outer shell for the sleeping bag, its more for the external condensation that I am trying to protect myself from then anything else and I was told that the nylon was the best way to go. It wont be insulated or anything like that for now, but I could always add some fleece to the inside to add warmth if I wanted to.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or maybe some ideas about what I want to do?

    Gene G.

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    For your fleece liner, you don't need microfleece. I would recommend something like this, but that is up to you.

    For your outer liner, it sounds like you only want some extra protection against external moisture, so you probably want a fabric that is both breathable and water-proof (or resistant). Regular nylon might suffice, but there is a fabric called Epic that supposedly does a much better job. I wish I had a link for you, but I don't.

    Good luck with your liners!
    Be like Bob

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