My son has been wanting to camp in the backyard in his new HH Scout ever since xmas. He finally got his wish granted by his mom. Last night was supposed to be around 32* so she agreed, other nights were down into the teens and low 20's. Being new to hammock camping we don't have much equipment for cool weather hanging.

Our trip didn't start until about 10 pm when we thru our hammocks up in the backyard. We used a 0* bag and a thin blue sleep mat, my son added a survival blanket between his bag and mat.

The only problem I had was sliding off the mat and getting a cold spot. He said that he didn't get cold at all.

The night went well and now I'm ready to do more hanging. I believe that the troop is planning a campout in early Feb so hopefully that will be our next opportunity.

Thanks to all of the forum posters. You've taught me a lot. I'm already starting my wish list for birthday, anniversary and christmas.