After watching the weather for a week we knew the the temps were gonna be 20 on Friday night and 26 on Saturday night. Upon arrival we found a winter wonderland of snow covered ground and icicles hanging from overhangs, AND an uncleared road to our trailhead. Being in a 2 wheel drive car we were unable to get to the intended trail we researched and mapped out so well, so here the adventure begins. Re-routing to the only accessible trailhead in the area we parked and looked at a map of the area and hiked away from the car at 1am Saturday morning. After hiking for a bit we set up camp and got in the hammocks for some rest. Waking up and looking out into the snowy forest was incredible! I'm from Florida and this was my first time hiking/camping in snow. After making some breakfast we got going down the trail for Day 2 camp. Following the Sipsy river we found a nice East facing ridge to camp on and as a bonus there was a cave right around the corner from us. That night we had a nice fire in the cave and went to bed warm as toast(and stayed that way till morning). Woke up early and headed back to the car only to find we left a light on and the battery was dead! Good thing it was a stick shift and after breaking the tires loose from their icey hold we were jumped off and headed back to the Gulf Coast. Beautiful trip, great weather, dry feet and a warm butt!

I uploaded some pics from the trip to my album, I hope it works!