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    Today i wrapped everything in my snakeskins, tarp and all. It all worked out nicely, but it is always so awkward when packing it haha. I usually just fold it in half many times, wrap the extra cord around it, and then finish it off with wrapping the webbing around it. After all this i just stuff it into my bag that it came with.

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    To put my 2-cents in, I use to wrap my HH and tarp all in 1 snake skin. I would just start at one end and shove it in the bottom of the sack and then continue to shove the rest of the hammock / snake skin in. I never tried to roll it up before putting it in the bag.

    Now I do not use the snake skins for my hammock. This is because I have the SS attached and I keep the undercover, OCF pad and space blanket all attached. What I do here is use a larger stuff sack and push everthing down in a larger bag and it all stays together. My tarp which is now larger than the stock HH tarp is in my snake skins. This way I can pull out the tarp first if it is raining and get it set up before all my other gear gets pulled out.

    Many people will do it different ways. There is no right or wrong way to do it, just play around and find what works for you.

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    Here is what I do:

    1. I try to fold/roll my HH Hex Tarp (larger upgraded tarp)
    2. Place my stakes into the roll of tarp carefully to avoid rips/tears
    3. Place tarp roll into stuff sack along one side
    4. I have my HH exp asym zip in snakeskins
    5. I ball up one end of rope and place into stuff sack next to tarp
    6. Feed rest of "snake" into stuff sack, you need to do some "stuffing" here
    7. Ball up other end of rope and place on top of stuff in sack
    8. Fold webbing up and place on top of other stuff
    9. Tighten draw string to sack while still stuffing with other hand.
    10. Smile at how much smaller this is than my old tent.

    As a side note on my last hike it was cold and I didn't get my tarp folded/rolled because it was stiff (and my fingers were too). So I stuffed tarp into sack with stakes and webbing and balled up hammock in snakeskins and attached to outside of my pack.


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