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    My sons first trip

    This was my sons first trip out. I have the ENO Doublenest and just got the VersaTrek from Trek Light. I decided that since he's not quite 2 years old yet that I wanted him very close by. I read about others hanging kids next to them but I was concerned about him 'escaping' with me not waking up. I decided to hang him directly above me within reach so I could lay him in my hammock if he got scared, etc.

    Tested it in the backyard and it was perfect. Then my wife checked the forecast...uh oh. "40 degrees is just WAY TOO cold!! You're not taking him!" We did an overnight test in the backyard to prove my point and I finally got the OK.

    I bought a childs sleeping bag from Target to test. My son does not like to be covered so staying inside the bag or using it as a quilt wasn't going to work. This bag had double zippers for feet ventilation which essentially allowed it to be a sleeping tube of sorts. I hung the bag from a guy line hanging the hammock inside the tube. Zipped the bag closed at the feet and he's now got full coverage. He stayed toasty all night long with this setup and a few layers of clothing.

    -Some might scoff at 40 degrees but that's cold for Florida
    -I intend to sew my own quilts but haven't had the time do so yet.

    Oh...and he loves his hammock so much I've hung it in his crib (safely) and he sleeps in it every night.
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