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    overnight trip

    Fellow forum member [o]TTeR and I decided to spend a night at our local conservation area doing a little car camping and gear test.It was about -4c(24F) during the day and our low for the night was -12c (10F) without the windchill.

    [o]TTeR was testing his new winter incubator:


    We were both using [o]TTeR's DIY creations for hammocks. His is a digital camo mockingbird and mine is made with 1.1 black ripstop. I tested my new crowsnest as well:


    Both worked great. [o]TTeR used a Canadian Military double bag sleeping system and I used a home duvet (it is car camping after all). My sleeping bag is rated to -7c but I didn't feel like putting it to the test even though it performed well at -16c (3.2F) last February.

    I used my super cat stove for water boiling and also used the kelly kettle. I've had the kelly for years and I still love using it.


    We went for a hike during the day but really just relaxed and listened to the silence ( interrupted occasionally by a crack and pop from frozen wood in the fire).

    Overall a great night. I made a rookie mistake when setting up and didn't milk the bury on my headend whoopie sling. I slowly slid down on the headend over night. Nothing like a big headache first thing in the morning

    Here are some pics I took. It snowed all day which really made the park look beautiful. Oh and we were known as the hammock guys in the park. People were getting out of their trailers to come and see the crazy guys.

    Thanks for looking,

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