It's not exactly rocket science, first one I tied to do some checking in my room a month ago was just a Queen size bed sheet and 3/8 inch sheeted nylon rope from Lowes hung on eyebolts from Home Depot. Now, it was too short by a long shot as the length of a queen size sheet is 80" and the gathers were tired with the rope. Your length should be 2 feet plus your height plus the material length used to tie out so my queen sized bed sheet hammock is barely longer then I am at 6'2".

I used these videos.
And professor Hammock/(Grissly on this forum) videos:

My knot is actually a little different, can't find where I found it but it is a single tie with the rope. Thats all simple differences.

If you buy fabric from the store the disadvantage is you'll need to seam it to keep it from ever unraveling. However, just like my queen size sheet, when it gets stinky you can untie the ends, throw it in the washer and give it a good cleaning. Then retie the ends and you're back in business. Cost in fabric can't be that much, less then 20 bucks I'd think. And if you have someone with a sewing machine and any skills, mayhaps woo her into seaming it for you.

Or spend a little more and buy one like the Brazillian models. Just depends on how much money you have at your disposal. The Brazillian models do come in a multitude of colors and are washable as well (front loader) just be warned they shrink when they're laundered though they stretch right back out when you hang them backup and sit in them. (second hand knowledge from this board that bit).

In the end, if it works for ya, just consider. Couple hundred bucks maybe for a fancy hammock/hanging system that stows and gives you full access to the square footage of your room OR up to a couple grand for a bed which starts to gain weight the first night you sleep on it. Dirty Jobs fact, 30% of a used bed weight ISN"T what came with the bed, it's YOU, little bits at a time and dust mites and their, well, poop!

Whens the last time you put your bed in the washing machine??