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    Talking 3 nights witha' Hobo

    That would the TexSport Hobo ll ... I picked up for $16.99 ... to "try out" life from an " Elevated Perspective " ... First, I want to say Thanks to all those that contribute their Time, Knowledge & Experience here at HF ...

    My first night was the coldest (temp. wise) ... I stayed warm, as I tried out different configurations, I wasn't uncomfortable ... but... not comfy either...I couldn't " get flat" ...

    My second night after hitting HF & tweaking the 'ole Hobo, I was able to get it to lay as flat as it was/is capable, as well as 10*F warmer, I was comfy and slept just fine.

    My third night with further tweaking and another 10*F warmer, the night was blissful, and the decision was made ... a hammock will find it's place into my backpack.

    Fourth night ... will be in the Clark Ultralight I just picked up for $100.00 locally ...

    Overall the Hobo served it's purpose ... I learned I could stay warm above ground and I could get comfortable, the Hobo is to short to get a true lay flat position ... I greatly increased my understanding of the basics of hammocking

    Again I Thank Hammock Forum, for without this resource, I wouldn't have been able to work out the bugs in my trial run, and would have abandoned the idea on night one. You have Elevated My Perspective !!

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