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    Quote Originally Posted by BER View Post
    Microbiners from AHE also work well. Quick on/off depending on need.
    Thanks, was thinking this or toggles (yet may not be enough load to assure they stay in place).

    Quote Originally Posted by optimator View Post
    Same here. I usually use my tie outs unless I'm in porch mode anyways, so I just leave them on.
    Thanks, the webbing may be wide enough to hold the coils.

    Quote Originally Posted by medicjimr View Post
    I have a loop on end of shock cord and just run through when I need to use the tie out's too much bulk otherwise. I am thinking I may use the Pizza tip. piece of shock cord tied off to no tangle line less bulk now using 10' shock cord per pull outs
    I may end up here long term as I like how Shug's video's portray lifting the cord up

    Quote Originally Posted by warbonnetguy View Post
    i have a fixed loop in the end of all my guylines, girth-hitching them on is a super-fast, weightless connect/disconnect. It will bunch the webbing on the panel pulls (because the webbing is wider there), but that won't hurt anything. I make a Y-shape with the panel pull guyline, connecting the looped end of the line with girth-hitch/larkshead, and the other end with 2 slipped half hitches. The stem of the Y is another regular length line with a loop in the end, it is attached to the upper part of the Y the same way (girth-hitch).

    The main ground corners are tensioned with something similar to a trucker's hitch, (but without having to make the slipped loop) . I attach them to the tarp the same way (girth-hitch), then take the line around the stake, back to the tarp, and through the corner ring on the tarp. This gives you a 3:1. i just tie it off by wrapping around the other 2 lines 3-4 times and then tie off with a single slipped half hitch.

    The tree guylines aren't attached to the tarp beforehand. I instead take the guyline around the tree and stick the plain end through the loop end attaching line to tree. To attach the tarp, I run the line through the RL rings/attachment point on the tarp and tie a slipped buntline at the first end (put it the correct distance from hammock end so your overlap is similar at both ends). If line is really long i'll sometimes tie off with 2 slipped half hitches. The other end is attached via trucker's hitch.
    Thanks Brandon. I've viewed your tarp set-up video and wondered how you had them tied. For now, I'm going this route with larks-heads to simply add/subtract the panel guy lines.
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    Me thinks me may have a toggle fettish

    I have a 2 inch long loop (when flat) tiead in all my tie outs and have a small/medium button threaded just above the knot (on the single line part)
    I thread the loop through the tie out and flick over button.
    very easy on and off
    im sure i got the idea off the forum

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    I like the line pockets sewn into the tieouts on my Hexfly. I can't figure out why nobody else does this...or do they?

    Just hank up the line and stuff it in the pocket.


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    The HH Hex fly doesn't have panel tie-outs but I got some grip clips from JRB and they work great. I do love the little storage pockets for the guylines, though. I'm not sure if anybody else makes them or not.

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