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    Are the "Jacks" over achievers?

    Yep... Put in my order for a Jacks R Better Hudson river quilt Sun. night, Mon. was MLK day, it arrived last night........ I guess it was a kodak moment when my buddy and I first took it out of the box and laid it out, thinking to myself, what have I done?.... my buddy poking at it with a skeptical eye..
    Gave it a few fluffy shakes and gave it a few min.... It came to life in a big way!!........ I pushed it back to my friend and said, look it over and find something wrong with it.. He couldn't do it...... Every little detail is perfectly done.. The green and black option was exactly what I was looking for. Goes perfectly with my traveler.. It came with a storage bag, and a stuff sack, What a versatile, great piece of gear!! I will try it out over the next few nights and report back if anyone is interested..
    Thank you to everyone at the "Jacks" for being over achievers...:
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